These contemporary modulations on the systems of representation are intrinsically connected with diverse categories of the subject. Subject of knowledge and subject of language. Ethical subject and sexual subject. Aesthetical subject and historical subject. Political subject and ontological subject. All of them dependent and co-founders of representation systems, and in interlinked mutability. Then, the subjects can be sovereigns of systems, or subjected by then. Operative agent or surface of scripture.

Every form of representation implies necessarily an aperture, a hiatus between subjects ―individual and collective― and what represents them. Is in this fracture where philosophy must be invoked as discursive mediator between the subject and the world, becoming imperative the analysis and the critic of the relationships between both dimensions, and locating the points of contact, tension, suture and fracture.


As ancient discipline for the critic of the different forms of representation and for enlightening the constitution of the subject, philosophy has de duty to study the continuities of the human rationality, as well as setting itself in the always-transforming present that opens the rifts in the whole of the ways of knowledge and life.

Continuing with his task, both arcane and contemporary, we want to propose the 55 Congreso de Filosofía Joven as a space and time in which diagnose the fractures between subject and world by the diverse regimes of representation, and to save the distances when possible and desirable.