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Oskar Schlemmer - Gheorghe Lancu
by: lvcongresodefilosofiajoven          






One of the great challenges for contemporary philosophy is to account for the new systems of representation and their relation with the old ones, and for the diverse dynamics of continuity and fracture, proliferation and closure, that can be observed between them. Today there are new technologies of representation that allow the general digitalization of our symbolic universe. New surfaces for scripture: on neuron, on body, on gender. New materials: trash, flesh, screen. New epistemic codes with which to write the new forms of scientific, pseudoscientific and philosophical knowledge. New normativities that emerge from the social and political movements. New forms of ontological representation growing within the ever-narrower interstices between the globalized space and the ecologic eschatology...More


Reinhard Brandt
Professor of Philosophy at
the Philipps- Universität
of Marburg

Francisca Pérez Carreño
Professor of Aesthetics and
Theory of the arts at the
University of Murcia

Bernard Stiegler
Director of L'Institut de
recherche et d'innovation 
Centre Georges-Pompidou


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